Our mission

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We have started Spectrum Toys to help people with additional needs develop the physical and cognitive skills necessary to support learning, emotional development, communication and social engagement. We attach special importance to growing the ‘sense of self ‘, through the development of personal preferences and reducing anxiety. We keep as up-to-date as possible with the latest research and believe that the use of sensory toys & sensory box sets can very positively support these goals.
We aim to provide you with the latest & greatest sensory toys at competitive prices. We promise to continue to expand our product variety to bring you innovative toys & sensory boxes that provide sensory value.
Our unique sensory boxes provide you with the ideal gift/ treat for someone who loves sensory play. The box features a magnetic closing lid, and once inside, even the rainbow-coloured paper packaging will promote interest. Each box contains an informative brochure detailing the variety of products inside and a description of each individual product.

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