The Squishy Fidget Box

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The Squishy Fidget Box is a new and exciting sensory box that mostly focuses on fidget & squishy toys, this sensory box contains 10 sensory items worth over £50.00, that will provide endless hours of fun.

Our unique sensory boxes provide you with the ideal gift/ treat for someone who loves sensory play. The box features a magnetic closing lid, and once inside, even the rainbow-coloured paper packaging will promote interest. Each box contains an informative brochure detailing the variety of products inside and a description of each individual product. This sensory box provides a fantastic tactile and visual experience.

All our products are c.e marked (Conformité Européene) and come from reputable wholesalers, please note that products sizes, colours, types & textures may vary, adult supervision maybe required due to product age recommendation may vary.  

Box contents

  • 1x Zuru Tangle Classic and Crazy Series 1 (Recommended age 3+)
  • 1x Flashing Finger Flingers (Recommended age 5+)
  • 1x Twiddle Cube (Recommended age 3+)
  • 1x Mini Muddle Puzzle (Recommended age 3+)
  • 1x Twist & Lock Blocks (Recommended age 3+)
  • 1x Mesh Ball with Rainbow Colour Orbs (Recommended age 3+)
  • 1x Squishy Puffems Fast Food (Recommended age 8+)
  • 1x Sparkling Smart Putty (Recommended age 5+)
  • 1x Snowy Fluffy Putty (Recommended age 5+)
  • 1x Stretchy Centipede (Recommended age 3+)